Lemon Tree

Tending 2
Tending 1
Two more pieces from my show at Tilde. I believe the lemon tree is sold already but the other is still available.

I feel the need to acknowledge the passing yesterday of Maurice Sendak. He has been one of my favorite artists and an inspiration since I was small, and while I'm saddened by his death I'm happy that he lived such a long life and left us so much amazing work. In the past few years I've found not just his work but reading and listing to interviews with him to be really comforting and refreshing. I loved his honestly about life and what is important. His last interview with Terry Gross is a good example of that, it had me in tears.


  1. Oh, I love the detail you did of the blue and white pot, so sweet. I have a thing for blue and white ceramics and dishes :)
    Best of luck with the show! I hope they only thing you have to carry out when its done is a nice check! :D

  2. Thank you for the link to the Sendak interview; I hadn't heard it.

    I love the quote at the beginning about Sendak, Silverstein, and Geisel.

    We have been on a Silverstein kick around here. I love that my kids' reactions to the poems and artwork reminds me of my own feelings reading them as a child... Sigh.