Star Gazing

 This is another new piece from my Lille show. I'm particularly happy with how that lacy blanket turned out! I did a quick sketch of the idea for this after seeing a lacy crochet blanket on Pinterest, but I kind of thought that I probably wouldn't turn it into a drawing because actually drawing all that detail would probably just turn into a mess and come out looking horrible. But I did a little test drawing and that looked okay, so I kept adding to it and voila! It's one of my favorite pieces from the show.

In exactly one week Aradan and I are heading down to California, I'm so excited! We're going to Redwood National Park and Point Reyes, and some other points in between. We're also going to spend a day in San Francisco (yay!). We're going to be camping most of the time, so I hope to be spending lots of time wrapped in a blanket by a fire, reading, with a (ginger)beer in my hand. Oh and if anyone has any hot tips on the best places to camp in those areas I'd be most grateful for the advise!


  1. aaw, that blanked is very beautiful, you did a good job! :) I want to have one like that!

  2. Lovely blanket. Have fun on your trip! Northern California is lovely!! There is a spot where you can stop and see the Sea Lions all piled up on the beach about an hour south of San Fran :http://www.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=523
    Very cool! Have fun!

  3. The blanket in this piece is AMAZING! It turned out so beautiful (love the colour and patterns). You are so talented - I truly love your work.

  4. this painting is so great! i can see why you'd be hesitant to add too much detail, but you really nailed it with the design. your trip to California should be fun! i've always wanted to see the Redwood forest. hope you take lots of pictures to share with us!

  5. The blanket is gorgeous - you're right to be pleased with it!