Travel Log pt.2: Wood Sorrel

wood-sorel3 One of my favorite parts about the Northwest and the redwood forest is the redwood sorrel, those are the little clover looking plants that cover the forest floor out here.
 As we were driving South we found the most magical spot by the side of the road where the sorrel was in these beautiful clumps and waves. Some of these are from there, and some are from the Founder Grove.
We found that Grimes was the best soundtrack to driving though the redwoods.

wood-sorel1 wood-sorel2 wood-sorel5 Cave of mystery... wood-sorel4

It's pretty amazing how quickly the landscape changes! Mere hours after we were deep in the redwoods we were in wine country. We stayed a night at Aradan's uncles, where we were able to do laundry, play with their ridiculously cute dog, and have a beer at the Russian River Brewery. santa-rosa1 santa-rosa2


  1. Ohhhh... those TREES! (well, and, a very cute dog!)

  2. Majestic and Magical, thank you so much for posting.

  3. oh, I love the trees! the colours are fantastic <3


  4. Oh it does sound blissful! I don't think we have those sorts of plants here, I would love to visit where you are and see them. :)
    Jess xx

  5. whoa, these woods.. thanks for sharing!

  6. amazing place.
    Please visit my simple blog, and please comment as well.

  7. such an incredible place! I love your photos and reading the stories behind them...so wonderful :)

    thanks for sharing xxx