Travel Log pt.1: Prairie Creek Redwoods

prairie-creek4 Hello! I'm back from a wonderful week in California with lots of adventures and beauty.
Get ready for lots of pictures of trees in the first round of pictures!

We started out the week with a few days and nights at Prairie Creek State Park. We were able to walk right from our camp though some amazing redwood forest, to Fern Canyon. It did rain a lot though. Thank goodness Aradan has a really great waterproof tent so all was well, and we wound up seeing some neat things, like newts basking in the rain!prairie-creek2 prairie-creek11 prairie-creek3 prairie-creek14 We started the day with coffee from our new camping kettle. It's very small and squat, and I love it, obviously. prairie-creek1 prairie-creek6 Fern Canyon prairie-creek7 prairie-creek8 A Dipper. These little birds can usually be found happily diving in fast flowing streams looking for yummy insects. This one seemed fairly miserable and wet though, a feeling I sympathized with later on as we returned to our wet campsite. prairie-creek12
Resident elk, not far from the campground. We were able to see the eclipse from this meadow on our first night.

prairie-creek13 Part of me wishes we were still camping in the redwoods, and part of me is soo happy to be home. It was a nice break though, and it's always nice to come back with fresh eyes.

I'll be posing pictures from the rest of the trip over the next few days!


  1. I like these with fog and with dipper the most. It's always hard to come back from wonderful trip, but it's also hard to stay (you start missing home)

  2. Such Beautiful pictures, you must have had your breath taken away on this trip.
    Thank you so much for sharing, especially as I will never get the chance to experience such huge and wild nature, ours comes in slightly smaller form!

  3. SO beautiful. So very very beautiful.

  4. So inspiring! I can't wait to see how the visuals creep up in your art. I have been enjoying your recent art so much, btw. Can't wait for the rest of the photographs!

  5. Gorgeous! I live in SF and just had a magical redwood adventure in Butano State Park. These pictures are wonderful!


  6. So lovely! It's one of my dreams to get back to the west coast and see those giant trees. I can't wait to see the rest of your photos.

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