At Home on the Range

Brandied Peaches
I got asked to contribute an illustration for the blog connected with the book "At Home On The Range" presented by Elizabeth Gilbert, originally written by her great-grandmother, Margaret Yardley Potter, in 1947.
The blog has some reminiscences of this interesting lady by her grandchildren, and they just wanted some images to go with the posts. I decided to illustrate a recipe I liked from the book, and went with "brandied peaches" because it's one of those old fashioned recipes that is simple, decadent and doesn't seem to be done much any more!
(If you interested the art used on the blog is for sale and the proceeds go to benefit ScholarMatch)

As a side note I don't often draw older ladies, and I'm not sure how successful I was here, but it was a fun challenge. I don't have that much diversity in my drawings, mostly because I know I need to improve my technical skills, but it's something I want to work on!


  1. This is the prettiest old lady I've ever seen and as an answer:You are successful! LOVE IT!!

  2. Quite an easy-going grann, wish mine was like this one!

  3. What a lovely illustration! Love it!