If I had a Wolf Hound...

I still haven't finished posting all the pieces from my show at Lille! This is sort of a partner to this piece. I would love to have a giant dog someday, one that is sweet but that would bark intimidatingly at anyone I didn't like...

Anyway! My drawings are going to be up at Lille though June so if you live in Portland and want to purchase one of the pieces I've posted, or just want to see them in person, please stop by the boutique!

Also don't forget the print sale going on in my store right now. 20% off your print order through Friday with the code JUNESALE!


  1. beautiful piece. i love irish wolfhounds, even though i'm a cat person through and through. from a sort of 'dog whisperer' point of view, i like that the leash is loose in this image. many of your works speak to my heart, but this almost made me feel like i was looking into my own future. maybe someday...

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