Travel Log: Washington

While my parents were visiting last week we did some sightseeing around Washington. Every time I travel in the Pacific Northwest it reaffirms how happy I am I moved here. It's so easy to go from the stunning seashore, to stunning mountains, to stunning deepdark forests in only a few days. Here are a very few snapshots of the many things we saw on the trip washington2

washington1Whale skeleton (Actually a monument commemorating a skeleton Lewis & Clark found)
washington4 washington6 The worlds largest cedar tree
washington9 Sasquatch washington8 washington10 washington12


  1. My family moved from New Mexico to Custer Washington in December. big change for us but we love it here. So much to see. Love your pics and your blog.

  2. The picture of you with that tree is STUNNING. I've always wanted to see Washington. Thanks for sharing these!

  3. that is the biggest tree trunk EVER! i am so in love with deep dark forests. it's really too bad how far away i live from all of these places you've photographed.

  4. Thanks everyone! Glad you liked the pictures!