Logo redesign I've actually never had an official logo for myself and since I've been working on so many logos for other people lately I decided it was time to make a fresh one for myself! (I guess this is a logotype if you want to get technical)

I''d been using this as my shop header and I guess it was kind of my logo, but it's a few years old and looks really messy to me now. More pertinent right now for me though is I really wanted to make a logo that incorporated my name.  I've been wanting to leave the Oh My Cavalier name behind for a while because I want my work to be associated with ME and my name rather than credited to a business or company. I'm tired of coming across drawings of mine on Pinterest etc credited to Oh My Cavalier, like they were made by committee or something. (It's totally my fault because my website etc, pretty much all my places on the web are called Oh My Cavalier, something I'm also trying to change now)

It's super hard to design for myself, because I can't make decisions, so I may tweak this design a bit but overall I'm happy with it. It incorporates my name and also my initials, so if I want I can use the whole design as a letterhead or just use the little leaf part as a stamp or watermark.

Here are some of the rejected designs I agonized over for a while:
Why a leaf and not keep a fox for the logo? Well I don't know, it just felt like the right change. Plus I really love the design of this antique trade card.

Let me know what you think!


  1. I love it, Julianna. Good for you!

  2. Yay! I LOVE this, Julianna! I love the direction you're going. This is great. I totally know how you feel about the name thing! People in the know definitely know YOU by name though! :) :) I realized that it might be good to create a new line with my own name because I started having to always say, "hi, this is myra... of twigs & honey".. and then people were like, oh! twigs & honey!

    Your new logo is beautiful!!!

  3. I'm partial to your foxes and wolves but I this is very pretty. I agree with Myra - I think people know you by both. But I do remember when I first discovered you, it took me a while to remember your (last) name, so this is probably a good thing. Better to remember you and then find your shop or blog. Good luck with everything. I love your work!

  4. Great step Julianna!

    The logo is perfect. I too am drawn to your foxes, but you draw so much more than that - and a leaf is a nice simple little hint at all the wonderful natural elements of your work.

  5. This is so lovely, and I know what you mean about the name vs. made-up name issue....I've thought about this often too.....but still in an odd way feel too 'shy' to put my name out there.....which is weird, I know! teehee Oh, and what a beatufil hummingbird below!!

  6. Hi, Julianna! I'm a frequent reader of your blog. So delightful and refreshing! I think that change's always something positive and good. And the logo is beautiful! Reminds me the vintage cards and minimalistic art.

  7. This looks lovely Julianna! It's just the right combination of simple and playful, and it's very 'you' (like I've mentioned earlier, I quite liked Oh My Cavalier, but I totally understand how it can hide your own name). Congratulations!