NEW new site!

My website situation has been stressing me out for a while. Since I know next to nothing about html or building websites I haven't been able to maintain it myself and I've had to find and pay other people to do it for me. Which means that it got updated not very often, and always felt sort of stale and dead to me.
I recently found out that you can, and people do, use Tumblr blogs as portfolio sites. That appealed to me because once you have a theme installed it would be incredibly easy to update. Well long story short,  after some tinkering I now have a new website! It's even at the same address:


New Website

It's not fancy and it has some problems I'm still trying to work out (like adding a lightbox rather than having the pictures link to Flickr), but I like the simplicity! I even edited some of the HTML myself which I'm super proud of. I like the infinite scroll thing so all my images can be seen together. Plus it's so easy to update I've been able to put way more image there than were on my other website. I even figured out how to add pages where I could showcase wedding and design things, which is mostly what I've been working on lately and which I'd like to continue to get work for. So, it will be able to stay current and fluid, and I'm happy with it!

Let me know what you think and if you catch any problems!


  1. such a great idea! i really like it...it's a clean layout and and a nice way to view your art.

  2. I love this! Its wonderful to see all your images chronological like this!

    1. Yes I like that too, it's very satisfying and a nice way to see how my work has changed in the last few years:)

  3. I have bookmarked it into my inspiring artists folder :D It looks great!

  4. Your new site looks great! Minimalistic and useful.

  5. I especially like the home-page. It almost looks like some sort of 'timeline' with the evolution of your work. Well done!
    I'll soon be needing to make a portfolio myself, do you mind posting the links of the tutorials you used? I'm not a big html-writer, but I'm a quick learner, so online tutorials are perfect for me!

  6. It's lovely, Julianna! Easy to navigate and I like the simplicity. :) :)