Here are some pictures from the last few weeks. I didn't mean to do this but they are mostly of orange things.
eight-treasures rainbow This past Saturday was sort of magical. It was raining hard most of the day but I managed to go for a walk during a light patch. As I was walking though my neighborhood, trees dripping, the sun suddenly broke though and right as that happened a coyote trotted down the sidewalk about half a block ahead of me. Right here in the city! I've heard they're around but I've never seen one myself. Later that day there was this spectacular rainbow. russian-book I had some good finds at the library book sale a few weeks ago. I'm particularly happy with this book of early color Russian photographs. I've seen a few of them online before but the book has many more.


  1. I love this kind of accidental collection of colours. Its like your brain was subconsciously loving orange that day. Mine does this all the time too!

  2. Yes that happens to me too. Although to be honest it's hard to not find orange things this time of year!

  3. Orange is such a happy colour! Lovely photos and story! It's amazing how the little things are so meaningful. For me, this little things are always the best things!