Weekly Planner for Art Star

Art Star Planner Inside Pages
Another project I've been working on a for a while is finally complete and I can it share with you today!
 Art Star is a great shop/gallery in Philly that has been super supportive of my work for a few years, so when they approached me a few months ago about designing a weekly planner for them I was excited to do it!
 I've never done a planner like this, so it was a learning experience, but I'm pleased with the results and I hope you are as well! It's been printed beautifully, the front image is just as delicate as the original drawing. It's an annual planner, which means you fill in the year and dates, so it's good pretty much forever.

 Currently it is being sold exclusively though Art Star, please do visit their website or store if you would like to purchase one!  I may have them in my shop eventually and it will be available to other stores in a few moths! (Contact Art Star if you have a shop and are interested in carrying it!)
 Art Star Planner Front Art Star Planner Credit Page Art Star Planner Front Note Pages

You can see some photos of the planner in action on the Art Star Blog!


  1. sooooooooo totalllyyyyyyyyyy neeeeeeed this in my life

  2. Oh wow that's gorgeous! They will fly off the shelves for sure!
    Jess x

  3. ohlala Julianna! this is very beautiful & delicate.
    bravo !