Anthology Magazine

Whew what a week that last one was! I hand lettered about 150 envelopes for a wedding in about three days, not something I've ever done before. It was a ton of work, but they look so amazing, and I learned a lot. I wish I could show them to you right now, but you'll be able to see them for sure in a few months!

Anthology Magazine fall 2012 In the mean time, I thought this was kind of cool; I bought this copy of Anthology Magazine over the holidays and as I was flipping though I noticed some familiar things...
Anthology Magazine fall 2012 Those are some of my prints and postcards on the walls way in the background shot of this cute house being profiled! Pretty fun to surprise for me. (The article is called "Settling Down South", Anothology Fall 2012)

I did some recovering (with pancakes amongst other things) this weekend but now it's right back to work! Sunday Pancakes


  1. it must feel super nice to spot your work in a magazine you're reading!
    and your pancakes look delicious :D

  2. Your work is so lovely I'm not surprised it's in a stylish magazine. :) As for those pancakes? I wish they weren't on the computer screen! ;)xx

  3. That's my house!! I'm a big fan of your work and my husband surprised me a couple of years ago with one of your prints and I've just sort of added to my collection of your work from then. Glad you liked the little surprise of seeing your art in print.

    1. Hi! Wow, the internet is so funny sometimes. Yes it was fun to see, I especially like seeing how my things get displayed in people's homes.

      I love your house by the way, definitely the best in that issue, for my taste anyway!