Blog Makeover!

I've been meaning to fix up my blog for a while to make it look more professional and a little less like the default layout. Among the changes I figured out how to add social media icons to the sidebar and which the sidebar from left to right. I also made it so you can easily share posts to Pinterest, twitter, etc.
Not earth shattering news, but I'm so excited when I can figure out any html that I have to share it! Next up I'd like to spruce up my shop and fix some things on my website. There is always something to do!


  1. It looks so great! I know what you mean about figuring out html, I always feel like a bit of a genius when I can make it work - definitely worth sharing! I really love your logo, too!

    1. Thanks!
      Ha, yes I know this is probably the most simple possible stuff but it makes me feel so empowered!