J + D Wedding Suite

J + D Wedding Invite
This is the latest wedding invitation design I worked on that I can finally show you! It was a very long process with these invites and I worked even closer than I usually do with the bride on this one because she is an artists as well, though of the musical variety. The design evolved a lot over the almost-a-year that I worked on it, but I think the final product looks very elegant.
J + D Wedding Invite & Envelope
I hand lettered about 150 envelopes like this back in January (including one for myself).
J + D Wedding Invite Suite package
As part of the suite she wanted this painting/portrait of a table scene to act as the list of wedding related events (see it unfolded in the picture below).
J + D Wedding Invite Suite
J + D Wedding Invite close up
As usual I just did the art & design and the bride had them printed by letterpress.

I also worked on quite a bit more for the wedding itself including a map, menu, cocktail and beer list, but I haven't seen how the final printed versions of those turned out yet.


  1. Just beautiful Julianna! I especially love the table scene...

  2. It looks so lovely!

  3. They're stunningly beautiful and you addressed 150 envelopes with that beautiful writing?!! Wow.
    I like them. A lot.xx

    1. Yes my writing hand was pretty much useless for a week after those envelopes. Glad you like them:)

  4. Oh my gooodnessss, Julianna, this is amazing... so beautiful and tender...art in letters. Wowie!