Lawrence Logotype

Lawrence logo
I don't think I ever shared this lettering I did for the vintage shop Lawrence last year? I'm not really sure this even falls under the category of "Logotype". The proprietress just wanted something feminine and vintage looking, in keeping with her shop, that it could be made into a stamp and used for various other things. We ended up with two designs after the sketching stage since she liked the below design with the flowers as well as the more straight forward design above.
Lawrence logo variation
And of course you know I love to share some scrapped early sketches. I remember doing a lot of variations of styles for the R and the W.
Lawrence rejected sketches

In case you missed my posts about it on Facebook & Twitter last week: I did little interview about hand lettering with one of my favorite blogs, Besotted. Tristan is so kind, and so willing to share her tips and knowledge, as well as her own learning process. I was just thrilled to be asked to share my few scraps of knowledge about the process of lettering, some of my favorite materials, and how I work. Anyway, if you're at all interested in that hop on over to Besotted and have a look see!


  1. This work is beautiful Julianna! your 'L' and 'w' are so elegant!

  2. Beautiful! Reminds me of all my vintage music sheets, both you and Tristan inspire me to pick up a pen. Must make more time to practice, practice practice! x

    1. I love looking at vintage sheet music for inspiration!