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Red Animal
These are two more drawings I did for the ETA show. I'm really happy with all the little pieces I did for this show this time 'round, and luckily the nice people at Nahcotta are going to scan them all for me and send me the high resolution files before they sell because I lost mine with my hard drive!

Luckily we were able to recover a lot. Not image files though. I lost most of the high quality scans of my newest work. But the good news there is I've been able to get them all back to scan, even though some were sold! I also didn't lose any important client work, which is miraculous! All in all things could have been way worse. One thing I am bummed about is I had about 20 designs for new notecards, that where hours and hours of work and I'm sure were brilliant, but they are gone forever and of course I can't remember what they looked like. Oh well.

I'm actually pretty good about backing up because I've lost a hard drive before (that time was much more catastrophic), or I thought I was. Apparently I didn't learn that lesson good enough because life just got busy recently (like it does), and I didn't back up the last two months. I also have a solid state hard drive and they are absolutely not supposed to fail like this, so I guess I was feeling too safe. Okay, lesson learned FOR REAL. You are never safe from hard drive failure. Also, and almost more likely for someone like me, I could dump a cup of tea on my laptop or something, you never know.

From now on I'm going to be storing all my work in Dropbox so I will always have everything saved and up to date. I should have just done this in the first place but I found cloud storage confusing and scary. Now that I've seen that everything that I did have in Dropbox already is safe and well I get it. It is my new best friend! I'll also continue to do periodic time machine back ups to another hard drive to store work as well as all my music and video files.

Sorry, I know this is not a very riveting topic but I'd love to hear what services you use or how you back up your work! Or feel free to share your tales of hard drive failure woe!


  1. I've been such a fan of your work for so long; I have an old print of yours from way back. Love these two drawings, especially the second.

    I don't have any experience with losing work (thank goodness!) but I probably need to scan all my drawings and back them up. I had a tattoo design I did ten years ago and it's showing a lot of wear after five years. It's my favorite one that I've done, so I think about having a back up system constantly. I'll look into Dropbox--thanks for the info!

  2. So sorry to hear about your computer troubles, I've been having some problems with mine lately too. I was also a bit scared of cloud storage but have now started to use it :)

  3. the people who live downstairs from me have this little device. they both write (they're professors), and so even losing a few hours' work is a big deal:


    apparently it's great; it continuously backs up everything on all of their computers. we're saving up for one now--it's not a very fun thing to spend money on, but it seems like a really good thing to have as we're both students. i like that you never need to think about it! i always have such good intentions but then, like you, i start feeling safe (and lazy).

  4. Oh dear!! How very horrid!! But, I am glad to hear you'll be able to rescan most of them....what lovely customers!