Friday Bits

Look at these cute baby turnips I grew this summer!

My really excited that my parents are getting here tomorrow for a little traveling around Oregon. I'll be away for the next week but I have posts scheduled so it will be like I'm not even gone, except I won't be able to be reached by email. I'm really excited to get away for a while, I feel like the summer flew by and that I spent most of it inside, working. It was a super productive time, but I feel guilty for all the beautiful sunny days I spent hunched over my desk.

Here are some interesting this from this week:

♥ Amazing photos of an albino humpback whale!

A good song

Voyager 1 enters intersteller space

♥ I like to keep my hands busy on long car trips so I'm going to try and make a few of these crochet stars.

Have a great weekend everyone!