Honey Labels!

Honey Label
Some of you may remember a couple years ago I posted these honey labels I created just for fun. I wasn't trying to get design work with them or anything at the time (and if I was there are some things I'd do differently), but someone who actually keeps bees saw them and liked them enough to have me commission me to make some labels for her own honey! Since she planned to give away the honey gifts not for commercial sale that have a lot more room for a fun, whimsical design.
Honey Label Sketches
After working out a basic idea and the wording I had tons of fun sketching out different ideas.

Honey Label printed
This was also the first project for someone else that I also oversaw the printing of. It's hard to navigate being the middle man during the printing process, but I want to do more of that because it's extremely satisfying to see something though from sketches to finished product. Well almost finished, I will be sure to post some pictures on my Facebook page when she gets the honey harvested and into the labeled jars!


  1. Lovely work! I love being able to see your sketches too. It's nice insight and inspiration!

  2. The jars will be too beautiful to throw away once the honey has all gone! I love your designs and the wording is perfect!xx

  3. This label is so delicious! I love the combination of delicate yellow with pink. And the lady has such a satisfied expression on her face. X Jane http://janeheinrichs.blogspot.com

  4. So gorgeous and fun! And your original honey label design is very amusing!

  5. What a gorgeous result! And an ecstatic bee keeping client for sure.

    What an incredible woman. Not at all phased by the size of her bees, or their stingers. Eek! ;-)

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