Blackberry Patch
Another recent drawing and peek into my sketchbook.


Comforting Phrases

Plant with comforting phrases
A couple more pieces from Thicket.

I've set aside some time to work only on my own projects for a few weeks and I'm really looking forward to it! I've had some ideas that I haven't been able to work on because I've had commitments to other people that come first, which is fine, but it's led to feeling a little burnt out. I feel like some time of doing absolutely nothing is good for inspiration and general happiness and I plan on doing some of that this weekend!


A Documentery Or Two

I love putting on a good history mini series while I'm working, especially ones from the BBC. I discovered this one hosted by Lucy Worsley a few months ago and was completely charmed. Lucy Worsley is the chief curator at Historic Royal Palaces, she has the best job and she makes the best shows! This series is about the history of various rooms in the home, but she has a bunch of others you can find, all mostly focusing on daily life and how regular people lived. I'm most fascinated by that view of history, and she presents it with such a sense of fun, you can really tell how much she loves what she does.
(If you like this you can definitely find more of her series on Youtube, they have magically not been removed yet!)



I have a small show opening this Thursday at a cute store here in Portland called Abrhams & Duffy. They've asked the lovely people from Antler Gallery to curate some shows for their walls and I'm thrilled to be the first one. The opening is part of Last Thursday happens on Alberta from 6-8 PM, so if you live in the area you should come by!

Thanks so a commissioned piece I've been working on recently I have blackberry thickets on the brain and many of the pieces in the show reflect that!


Rain Sun Rain

I wanted to share something about my favorite drawing tools of the moment, but I'm just going to post a few random photos and a very random page from my sketch book because I've been too busy to get it together! I really hate it when people talk about how busy they are, I think it's boring and kind of braggy, but I really have some deadlines coming up so it's been a push. I have another small show opening next Thursday (more on that on Monday) and a big wedding project I've been working on for a year is wrapping up.

I hope you are all well and have a nice and safe weekend!




Twig Foxes

Twig Fox Running
Because I still haven't finished posting the drawings from my show last month here are few more Twig Foxes and a deer.

If you ever see a piece here that you would like to be able to buy as a print in my store please let me know! I'm going to do a big update of prints in my store in the near future and I'd love your input on what to offer!
Twig Fox at Rest
Runnin Deer


Fern & Frost

Custom Blog Header
I did this nice little custom blog header recently for a very sweet woman on the East Coast. Please take a look at her photography blog
Fern & Frost.


Spring Planting

Spring Planting
Seed Sewing
Relating to my post on Wednesday here are a few spring planting related drawings from recently. 


What's Happening In My Garden

Here are some rather soggy pictures of what's happening in my own balcony garden right now. If all of these flowers on my blueberry bush turn into blueberries that would be amazing! I've got some seeds going but this year I've been having serious squirrel problems, they keep digging up containers just as little seedlings are starting to come up! You can see some anti squirrel measures in this first picture; I found those mesh bags that onions come in make great little screens as long as the plants are small.


What Delilah Did Logotype

What Delilah Did Header
Final round design
I just finished this lettering and design for the cross stitch designer What Delilah Did and I'm so happy I can share them almost right away because they're some of my favorite things I've ever designed!
The main scissor design for shop headers and things came together extremely quickly since I think Sophie (the proprietress of What Delilah Did) and I have pretty similar tastes. I usually send several rough sketch designs to clients, but I always have a secret favorite, and I knew this was the one!
The second design is for promo and I think she's going to use it on packaging eventually. I'm really happy with how it turned out and I had a lot of fun trying different things while designing it.

Please visit the What Delilah Did shop and Blog to see some of Sophie's gorgeous cross stitch designs!
What Delilah Did and I have another project together that should be done later in the year. I can't wait to post about that one either!

The images below are some of the scrapped earlier designs for the round logo that I still kind of like pieces of.
Unused silouette design


Playlist For Spring


I thought it would be fun to share a little playlist I've been listening to recently, especially while driving, with the windows open. I know a lot of you aren't quite there yet, but I hope you'll enjoy it anyway. Putting together this mix was also a good way to avoid work for a few hours! As much as I usually enjoy what I do, sometimes I just don't feel like doing it. I'm sure you can relate.

Listen to playlist with 8tracks

1. Drifting in and Out Porcelain Raft
2. Fireshrine Purity Ring
3. Under Your Spell Desire
4. Two Weeks Grizzly Bear
5. Ungirthed Purity Ring
6. Want It Back Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra
7. Something Good Can Work Two Door Cinema Club
8. Losing You Solange
9. Ride Lana Del Rey
10. Live in Dreams Wild Nothing
11. What You Know Two Door Cinema Club

Enjoy the weekend!



I'm really inspired by scissors lately. I've always liked them because they are both useful AND they can have beautiful and pleasing designs.


Wilson & Frenchy Logotype Design

Wilson & Frenchy unused logoWilson & Frenchy logotype
I did these logotypes for Wilson & Frenchy, a children's clothing designer in Australia, over a year ago, but I don't think I've posted about it yet? Sadly I don't think she ended up using the top design for anything, I still like it.  That said though it's amazing to me to see how far my skills have come in a year!

I hope you had a nice weekend! I myself got a sunburn because we had a little taste of summer weather here. April is going to be a bit rough work wise (deadlines and all that) so I'm glad I got to enjoy some sunshine and cherry blossoms before chaining myself to my desk for the next few weeks!