To Do Lists and Tumblr

To Do lists
I made a couple more download and print at home type products for my shop. Personally I hoard paper in order to either use it a second time by printing on the back, or to write lists on. My idea for these to do lists is that you could print them on the back of used paper and then have a cute to do list handy whenever you need it. I hope you like these and have some use for them! You can buy the Fox here and you can by the Flower here.

Also, I recently totally revamped my Tumblr blog (which until now was more of a place where I re-blogged inspiration type things) and I'm planning to do some more blogging over there now too. I want to have that as a place to share sketches and in-progress type things more informally. I'll still be posting here about finished projects, news, etc. but posts may be less frequent then they have been. I don't know, I'm trying to figure how how I want to blog this year, but like everything else in my work/life it's always evolving. Anyway, I hope you'll also subscribe to my tumblr to continue to follow what I'm up to!

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  1. I've done this and it worked perfectly! Easy!!
    Plus I am using them and checking things off the list. Yay!