Updated website branding for WDW
Custom drawing for WDW
A few months ago I did a little update to some previous branding I did for Well Dressed Wolf children's clothing line. We kept the original wolf but changed the the lettering and added this drawing with some dresses based on WDW dress designs.


  1. Love this design.. that precious little girl, her 'girly' clothes & the wolf! Perfect.. As is the logo for the Italian company.. Superb!

    & .. What a good idea, the 'to do' lists! Me too.. i've collected more paper than almost anything else (but photos) These lists are very practical. I once had a large paper tablet of something similar.. a 'weekly schedule' too Big to lose! I miss that.. of course, there's the holy Tablet now.. still .. I love the feel of paper.. (sigh)

    Best wishes for the new year Julianna! & Thank you very much for the Christmas card!

  2. complimenti! meravigliosooooooo

  3. Nice idea! It reminds me an old story "The Wolf And Clever Girls" from my childhood. Please guide me if i can share my work with you because I like to discuss and show my work with experienced people like you.