Printable Wedding Invitation Suite

I’m pleased to introduce my wedding collection!
Foxes Suite
Foxes Invite

Bright Flowers Suite
Bright Flowers Invite
"Bright Flowers"

Summer Bees Suite
Summer Bees Invite
"Summer Bees"

Constellations Suite
Constellations Invite

I feel like this has been in the works forever! I’ve honestly been thinking, planning, scrapping ideas and starting over on some version of wedding invite templates for about two years. At some point you just have to stop overthinking and get something down onto paper, so the past few months I’ve been seriously working away to make a quirky little collection that I can say I truly love!

I have four suites consisting of the invitation, save the date, and the RSVP card. Even though these are ready made designs each will be truly personal because each set includes the custom hand lettering of the couples name! After being customized the suite will be delivered as a PDF file that can be printed at home or by a professional.

I envision these for couples who want unique hand made look and feel. Something a bit different, colorful, whimsical, with a sense of fun.

I'd love it if you let me know what you think and I’d really love it if you shared around these sets with anyone you know getting married soon!


  1. we are lovely! I especially love the stars and night!

    1. Thanks! I really like how that one turned out too, especially since it was kind of a last minute edition and it came together really fast!

  2. omg love them all! the last one is super pretty! xx

  3. I truly love them too! I've been painting bees and foxes this week, yours are beautiful! xx

    1. Thanks! That's great you've been drawing them too!