2015 Goals


I'm a big fan of to-do lists, and I think it's important to write down your goals (big and small) throughout the year to remember them and to motivate yourself. I wanted to set down some of my goals for 2015 here and hopefully use this blog to track my progress a bit. As usual for my New Year goals in recent years most revolve around trying to relax more about everything! I have a whole long separate list for work goals, I'm just going to put some of them here, the rest are more general.

Relax more about work. Take time to enjoy life when I’m not working instead of feeling guilty every second that I’m not being "productive".

But also push myself more. Go out of my comfort zone and try new materials or techniques (even if I'm afraid it’ll look terrible at first). Set clear goals and a schedule and follow though.

Take more time in general with doing and thinking. Often times I act in haste, either because I feel like I have to or other people make me feel like I have to, and this it usually leads to regret.

Take a walk somewhere new every week. Either in a different area of the city or hikes slightly further afield, like in Washington.

Run in at least one race. I'm already signed up for an 8k so I'm well on my way with this one. Also continue to run at least for days a week and work out. I want to be able to run 8 miles by the end of the summer.

Watch less Netflix and make sure to slow down in the evenings. Usually after my evening run I'm so tired out that I just want to put on a show and zone out. But I feel guilty not being productive so I also sit with my computer "working" & watching a show, which makes me feel kind of frantic and stressed. My goal is mostly try and spend the evenings reading, or if I feel like watching a movie, fine, but I have to actually watch it and not have my computer. Same for if I feel like working. Stop multitasking basically and really focus on whatever I'm doing.

Be more conscious with my buying in general. Question each purchase carefully. Simply, I'd to buy less and when I do want/need to buy something I'd rather invest in high quality things, even if they are more expensive and I have to save up for them. I'd also like to buy more from small companies or makers. This is something I've always told myself I can't do because I live on a small budget. However, my mind has kind of changed on that. I think saving up for something I really want that's that's more of an investment is going to be better for me and actually lead me to save more money in the long run.

Stop using Facebook. This is something I've wanted to do for a while. There is nothing about FB that makes me feel happy or good about my life, and yet I waste a lot of time with it. I'm also sick of privacy issues. While I'm not deleting my account yet I had my boyfriend make a new password so I can only sign in if I ask him. I'm not being that drastic with Twitter, but I'm also taking steps to make it harder to sign in and I don't foresee using it too much in the future. Because of my work I don't want to delete these accounts, if I have important work related updates I want to promote I'd still like to post about them there. I will however be using Instagram more which is a social media platform that I like and works better for me.

Cultivate creative hobbies not related to work. I need some down time hobbies that are not running, reading or cooking. I'd like to make a quilt, start crocheting again, and learn how to make some origami animals.

Notice when I’m happy

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