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I mentioned in my last post about getting more into DIY products. I've definitely gone though DIY beauty phases in the past, this latest round of DIY excitement has to do with the general life simplification I've been attempting lately. It also has to do with the desire to be more self reliant which may sound weird but let me explain. Maybe I spend too much time online, but lately I've been more and more annoyed at constantly being sold things, so I get a sort of perverse pleasure in not buying. I like the idea of just getting an $8 jar of coconut oil and using it for everything, it's a honestly freeing feeling! Writing it down like this it makes me sound like kind of a crank, but I know other people are feeling this way too so if you are hopefully you get what I'm trying to say! That said I am far from only using coconut oil for everything, I'm minimal but not that minimal and I'm far too excited to make all these DIY recipes! Also, I want to say that this is just my personal thing, you do you, and if that means you love buying skin care products that's great!

Anyway, this is kind a silly preamble to more posts to come because as of right now I haven't been making much of anything! I'm trying to use up what I have & not be wasteful. I have a list going of what I want to make though, here is what I'm most excited about:

• Whipped boy butter (like this one)
• rosewater toner (like this)
• Mixing a new face oil with argon oil, rosehip oil and frankincense EO.
• An oil cleanser with olive oil, safflower oil and sweet almond oil.
• a rose lip balm
• scented bath salt scrub with lavender EO and a TBD carrier oil
• Lavender pillow spray

I also want to try making some soy candles. So many ideas!

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