May Favorites


A usual May flew by! We've had some cold rainy days and some days that truly felt like summer. All the roses are blooming & the birds have been singing like crazy.

Beauty: Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair CC Cream. Love it!

Food: I’ve been making “nourish bowls” the whole month of May. My version is basically a base of brown rice with a bunch of cooked and raw veggies and a sauce. They are so easy, satisfying and healthy.

Reading: I came across the site Picture Book Makers in May & I’ve slowly been reading back though all the posts. It’s so inspirational & makes me realize that everyone has there own process and way of perusing their careers and there isn’t one “right way”.

Watching: Tudor Monastery Farm, a sort of companion to my beloved Tales from the Green Valley (though not quite as good.

Music: Honestly still obsessed with the New Lord Huron. Alternating the album with this great live recording.

Podcasts: Make It Then Tell Everybody, I've been happily listening back though all the old episodes. It's inspirational in the same way as Picture Book Makers. Everyone has their own way of working and doing things.

Etc: My new hat. I got a sun hat last year that was way too floppy and always in my face. This cute fedora may not keep off as much sun, but I think I'm more likely to wear it.


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