Foods and Garden Harvest

In my opinion there is little more satisfying than harvesting food from your own garden. I've learned the last few years what will and won't do well in my patio garden based on amount of sun and my lack of knowledge/patience. Blueberries do good, tomatoes do not, therefor I've given up on tomatoes entirely and have several blueberry bushes, all of which produced well this year! An unexpected bonus to my fruit harvesting was a wild blackberry vine that has taken over some shrubbery by the side of my building. It was insane this year, so many berries! No one else in the building seems interested in them, so I've been picking a bowl full every few days and freezing them.

Pea pods also do well, though sadly the many 90 degree days we've been having in July didn't do them much good.

This is the lunch I've been eating for the past few months. I've found that sticking to a routine of eating the same thing every day makes me feel much more organized and grounded, and it also makes shopping easier and less expensive. I end up spending less money on random cravings since I buy supplies that will last a full week. When I do get a little tired of whatever I'm having for lunch I change to a new salad or something and do that for a few months. In fact usually I make a grain based salad on Sunday that will last all week, so I spend no time preparing lunch during the week. However lately I've really been enjoying a lettuce salad with fresh tomato and cucumber, it's simple and fresh and cooling, but it does take some time prep in the middle of the day.

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