Return and New Apartment!

Hello! Here are a few little shots of my new apartment (not pictured: giant pile of boxes and bubble wrap). I've been spending the past few days since I returned from the mountains setting up and trying to get my bearings. Things are a little chaotic but currently I'm sitting on the floor (because I have no chairs) drinking sake with gold in it and watching Mad Men with Aradan, so life feels pretty good right now.
( I wish I had some pictures to share of my stay near Mt. Baker but sadly I left without my camera battery charger and a dead battery. C'est la vie!)


  1. Looks so homey and sweet!!
    Mad Men...yes yes yes....we are addicts.
    All the best in your new home....may it inspire your creativity and be a source of comfort!

  2. your new home looks lovely, can't wait to see more photos. beautiful flowers.

  3. what a beautiful view you have! It looks like a lovely apartment. Congrats! :D

  4. French doors to a porch?! A gas grill?!! Aradan?!!!
    Lucky dog!

  5. What a pretty doorway! Congratulations on your new home!! I know you must be exhausted...moving is very tiring, indeed!

  6. The photographs of your new apartment are just brilliant! Glad you have such a lovely place to spread your wings!

    xox, C

  7. Your apartment looks positively gorgeous. I'm very jealous of your porch. Happy housewarming!

  8. Better buy chairs or a sofa so you can sit comfortably (well, sometimes I do eat on the floor, especially when watching a movie, LOL). Your new apartment looks beautiful. You should post other pictures too.