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Yoga:I felt like I needed a change up from my running-working out routine, so this last month I've started doing yoga post run. I'm so glad I did! I've been feeling more calm and focused instead of completely spent before I start work in the mornings. I've been practicing along with Yoga With Adriene videos, she's great!

Slow Home Podcast: I've been working my way though this podcast (after binging the Gilmore Guys podcast, and finally catching up to them!). Some good conversations about slowing down and minimalism.

Citrine: I went to a crystal show last month specifically to find a nice piece of citrine (pictured above along with rose quartz). I in no way believe crystals they have magic/healing properties, but I do think they are beautiful and interesting, and if I can bring something that does that into my home that will make me happy, and that can be healing.


  1. Favorites can refer to our preferred things, such as favorite books, movies, or foods, while lifestyle encompasses the way we live and the choices we make in terms of our habits, activities, and values. These labels provide shortcuts to express our personal tastes and preferences

  2. Your switch to yoga after running got me thinking about my own journey. I've been finding peace in the Slow Home Podcast, a nice change from the fast-paced Gilmore Guys podcast. Recently, I went to a crystal show and picked up a beautiful citrine piece, adding it to my workspace. It's not about magic, but the good vibes they bring. Interestingly, as I tackle my master thesis writing services, these crystals serve as reminders, just like the calm moments you've found with Yoga With Adriene.

  3. Crystals may not have proven healing properties, their beauty and positive impact on your space can indeed contribute to a sense of joy and tranquility.