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Yoga:I felt like I needed a change up from my running-working out routine, so this last month I've started doing yoga post run. I'm so glad I did! I've been feeling more calm and focused instead of completely spent before I start work in the mornings. I've been practicing along with Yoga With Adriene videos, she's great!

Slow Home Podcast: I've been working my way though this podcast (after binging the Gilmore Guys podcast, and finally catching up to them!). Some good conversations about slowing down and minimalism.

Citrine: I went to a crystal show last month specifically to find a nice piece of citrine (pictured above along with rose quartz). I in no way believe crystals they have magic/healing properties, but I do think they are beautiful and interesting, and if I can bring something that does that into my home that will make me happy, and that can be healing.

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