Shop & Settling Down To Work

Little Fox with a frame
I had a few of these little vintage frames, so I decided to pop a print in there and they are available to buy in my store, right here. I only have two so this is a limited run!

I've been having crazy ups and downs in my energy level and motivation to work this week. Inspiration isn't a problem right now, I've just been feeling sluggish and having a hard time getting started. Here are my favorite things to do when that happens:
-Don't worry about it. Worry makes it worse.
-Sit at my desk, even if I don't want to
-Take a walk/go for a run (usually I can focus better when I get back)
-Make a to-do list with tiny steps that seem do-able.
-Make a playlist
-Take and brief look at the blog of someone who seems to have it together and all figured out. The guilt can kick me into gear (half joking. This one is tricky though because any motivation this creates can it can quickly slide into panic which is paralyzing!)
-Bake some bread (I don't know why this works. It's just nice to have bread baking. Hot-from-the-oven bread is also a good bribe to make myself work until it's done baking)
-Light a candle (again, not sure why this works. It's probably just about creating the right atmosphere. The atmosphere where work might happen)
-Make sure I'm hydrated and warm/cool enough. No way is work happening if I'm uncomfortable.

This is kind of a silly list now that I look at it! Oh well, it's what works for me, once I just get started I'm usually fine! What do you do when you're having a hard time settling down to work (whatever that work may be)?


By the way, thank you so much for all your sweet comments on my last post! You're the best!


Super Exciting News

Small Song
I've got some news that I've been saving until it was official official, and now it is so I'm happy to tell you that I am now represented by Rebecca Sherman of Writers House Literary Agency! Writers House also represents some of my favorite illustrators, so this is pretty amazing to me. I am just terrible at self promotion so I'm pleased and excited to have someone who I believe really understands and appreciates my work cheering me on!

I have some drawings on the wall right now at my favorite ice cream shop in town Salt & Straw, including these two pieces "Small Song" and "Nap". They will be up though August so if you're in need of ice cream and live in pdx be sure to check them out at the Alberta S & S location!


Friday Bits

Aradan and I went on a hike at Lava Canyon, in the Mt. Saint Helen's area last weekend. Simply breathtaking. Also somewhat of a challenge for someone afraid of heights because there is a suspension bridge high above the canyon and a ladder down a cliff. My legs get a bit shaky but I can deal and it was kind of a fun challenge actually.

Have a great weekend everyone!


An Experiment!

Hello everyone! I need some help and feedback from you today!
I am experimenting with creating some downloadable invitations (and maybe some other things) that you can print yourself. My plan is to eventually have them for sale in my store for a few dollars, but I want to make sure everything is working correctly before I actually start putting things like that in my store. That is why I am offering this printable invite to you for free!
Click right here to download them!
Party invite
I know not everyone is going to need a party invitation right now but maybe you do! Or maybe you just want to download it now and save it for later use. Anyway, if you do download it I would love to know if it downloaded, opened and printed correctly.
Party invite

I would also love to know what you think of this idea in general!

Thank you in advance!


Bright Plant

Bright Plant
I posted some photos of this piece in progress, and here it is finished!

I had a great weekend, but it flew by, and I have a busy week ahead. Oh Monday...


Friday This and That

How is it possible that it is Friday already? I had a really good, productive week. Two of my best friends got married to each other at the beginning of the week, I got a lot of good work done, tomatoes are ripening, the weather is amazing. I was strict with myself about going to bed early and getting up early all week. I actually love getting up early but not when I go to bed at 2am, which I've gotten in the habit of the last few months. I know it's not for everyone but it's amazing how much calmer and happier I feel if I can get up before 8am!

A few random things:
♥ Recently watched Wolf Children Ame & Yuki. It's so beautiful and charming, I'm sure a lot of you would like it.

♥ I love this Pin board of beautiful mail, so bright and fun.

♥ I'm a big fan of the hand lettering Arley-Rose Torsone (of Ladyfingers Letterpress) does and this little film about it kind of blew my mind because she does it all free hand, no pencil!

♥ I can't wait to make this black sesame bread! Maybe I will try it over the weekend...


Golden Cricket

One thing I do regret about using gold leaf for these recent drawings is that is does't scan too well at all. And I'm not sure using a gold effect like this looks very good either. I might end up editing the scanned images so that all the gold ends up being replaced by yellow. This tiny drawing has the most gold, luckily on most of the others there is only a little touch here and there.


Nadia Swindell Photography Logotype

I have another recent logotype to share with you today! Nadia Swindell is a children and family photographer based in the UK. She wanted something that would incorporate a more complicated drawing to use on her website & blog, but that could also be simplified to use across other media. We ended up going with this design where the girl and deer could be taken away leaving just the text and the magnolia branches.
Nadia Swindell Photography
Nadia Swindell Photography



Makeup Collection
Can we talk about makeup for a minute? I'm into it.
It's weird because I never really was until about two years ago, when I hit 29. That's when I started getting more concerned about taking care of my skin, and along the way I got to appreciate makeup as well. Before it always seemed like a lot of trouble to go through, but putting on makeup is one of my favorite parts of the day, I find it soothing and just nice.
Makeup 2
I also get probably a little over excited about researching and trying out new products, it's better than Christmas! These photos are some of my favorite/essential products and tools of the moment, things that I wear every day.
Also, I have to say I've learned so much from watching YouTube tutorials (how ever did people learn to put on cat eye eyeliner before YouTube?), and product reviews. And I'm not doing anything fancy at all, I love just watching how other wormen do their makeup every day. One of my favorite beauty YouTubers right now is this girl, I especially like that she uses and reviews a mixture of fancy and drugstore products, plus she's hilarious.

I'm kind of addicted to YouTube beauty channels in general. Do you have any favorite channels to share? Do you have any specific products you're really excited about right now?

In case you're curious the things pictured are: eyelash curler by Tarte (the best I've ever used!), Stilla eyeshadow in "kitten", Fresh sugar lip treatment SPF 15 in "honey" and "rose", Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in "natural beauty", the Real Techniques Blush Brush, a cheap Sephora blush brush that I use for highlighter, BeneFit They're Real! mascara (amazing!), Stila "Stay All Day" Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner in "jet black", L'Oreal Studio Secrets Magic Skin Beautifier B.B. Cream in "fair" (thanks to Tristan for that recommendation!), Scotch Naturals nail polish in "paisley martini", Pacifica Lip Quench in "coconut pearls", Tarte EmphasEyes brow pencil in "medium brown".


Bits Of A Drawing I'm Working On...

If you follow me on Instagram you already know that I am using gold leaf in some of my drawings right now. I'm pretty excited about it. There are little shreds of gold covering the floor around my desk...


Storyland Cross Stitch Book Illustrations

I have something pretty exciting to share today! You may remember the bit of branding I did a few months ago for What Delila Did. Well even before that Sophie's Publishers contacted me about doing the illustrations for her forthcoming book, Storyland Cross Stitch, and of course I was delighted to do it! I did the wraparound cover, as well as some inside illustrations. I think it came together beautifully and complements perfectly with her lovely stitching projects.
Storyland Cross Stitch
The book was released in the UK on July 4th, so should you want to get your hands on a copy (and I hope you do) you can buy it right here or here!
(photos courtesy of What Delilah Did)


Summer Brain

Between the hot weather (finally!) and the holiday yesterday I definitely have summer brain right now. It's hard to feel very urgent about anything, naps happen, afternoon drinks happen. Being me I still feel guilty for being less productive, I have so much I want to do, but I'm trying to not be too hard on myself.

Anyway, I made a playlist of things I'm listening to lately. They're songs that are good in both lazy and productive times alike. Let me know if you like these mixes! I'm trying to do about one a month, just as something fun to share.

//Listen to it on 8tracks//

1. Wings Haerts
2. A tout a l'eure Bibio
3. Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings Father John Misty
4. Dirty Paws Of Monsters And Men
5. Swimming Breathe Owl Breathe
6. Helplessness Blues Fleet Foxes
7. Ca Plane Pour Moi Plastic Bertrand
8. Hi Psapp
9. Swell Window Zee Avi


Berry Season

My balcony garden has been wildly successful this year. I've had enough berries to eat in my cereal every morning for about a week. That makes me so happy!



I had a little picnic in the park on Sunday with my friends Rebecca and Graham. Rebecca and I moved to portland together exactly five years ago today! It's amazing to me, it's gone by so quickly, and I still feel so lucky to live in a place this lovely.
This photo is one I took five years ago from the top of Mt. Tabor, a beautiful park here in town (the mountain is actually an extinct volcano). I bet this is the first time I climbed up there. Since then I walked up it almost every day for three years, until I moved to my new place in a different neighborhood. I love the view of the city from there, so many trees!